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By: Shannon O’Malley

Superstition is the newest EP release by the band Run River North that includes their song “Salt Pond.” This is a slow but raw, emotional song about the band’s struggles and near break-up during the time between their two full albums. It discusses the frustration of constantly fighting with someone, even if one or both of you know it’s wrong. Some of these songs have been performed throughout the last year as ones that didn’t make it to their second full album, Drinking From A Salt Pond, but have been long-awaited by fans to be officially released on their own album. The EP also includes a radio and acoustic version of their fun, upbeat single “29” from the second album.

Run River North’s music combines traces of alternative, indie, and folk rock to create their unique sound that reflects the amazing amount of energy that the band puts into performing live and in the studio. One of the things that makes them worth listening to is each member’s incredible talent both instrumentally and vocally. This is heard in a lot of their songs where they offer duets and/or a backing chorus of well-blended, harmonizing voices. Their songs themselves range from acoustic and relaxing to upbeat and/or uplifting. It’s great music for when you’re just hanging out, taking a long road trip, or trying to make housework a little more interesting.