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Folk Hop N’Roll

By: Shannon O’Malley

The Nashville-based band, Judah & the Lion, has released their second full album, appropriately named Folk Hop N’ Roll, accurately describing its content. It offers a strangely appealing mix of elements and genres, creating a collection of unique, uplifting tunes that are probably best categorized as indie rock. The banjo in particular is a heavily used instrument throughout the album which, mixed with the rough folk-like vocals, makes the band somewhat resemble Mumford & Sons. However, the group also uses electronic beats and even a bit of rapping on some occasions.

Take It All Back 2.0 is an ode to someone who’s important in the life of the singer/band and gives off an almost anthem-like vibe that makes you want to belt out the chorus along with them. The end of the album even offers another version of this song that includes a string quartet, giving the song a flowing and calmer atmosphere. Reputation is one of the songs that represents the Hop N’ Roll portion of the album title by using heavier beats with the singer showing off his more rugged side through both singing and rapping. The collection of elements that the band has put into this album makes it worthy to check out for fans of various genres. This includes whether you’re a fan of songs that are happy and fun, hard-hitting, or soothing.

What kind of live music are Albright students listening to?


Justin ’17 “The last concert I went to was a Rascal Flatts concert that was held in the Santander Arena because my girlfriend dragged me, but I actually enjoyed it. I’m actually not a huge country fan but they were pretty good. As for future shows, I always enjoy going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra, so I’d like to go back and see them again.”





Dylan ’20 “The last show I went to was a basement show for some high school punk bands. It was really actually one of the best basement shows I’ve ever gone to. I had really low expectations but the bands played some really good stuff like Suicidal Tendencies and Black Flag. I am supposed to go see Mac DeMarco and also Chance the rapper, I’m really looking forward to those.”


leighannLeighann ’19 “The last concert I went to was in the summer. My friend and I were supposed to go see another concert and it didn’t work out so we saw Blink 182 instead. They were doing their summer tour for their new album. I am looking forward to my favorite band touring, but I’m not sure if I can go because their Philadelphia show is during finals.”



abbyAbigail ’18 “I went to the Head and the Heart concert in October and I went because they were one of the first bands I ever saw and I really wanted to see them again. I’m really into the Avett Brothers and they just released their new album in 2016 so I want to see them whenever they come back to Philly.”



toriTori ’19 “Jingle Ball was the last concert I went to because I scored free tickets. They were floor seats so I had a really good view, minus the ache in me neck from looking up. I am hoping to get tickets to see Ed Sheeran when he comes to Philly this summer.”