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Where do YOU see yourself in five years?

IMG_4069Josias ’18 “I definitely think as a result of meeting with advisors and talking with students and upperclassmen about some of the things that they have done, it has made me reevaluate where I want to be in the next five years. Initially I was thinking medical school but I have also gotten into public health as a result of also being a duel Spanish and Bio major. But definitely grad school in some sort of capacity, who knows, maybe working for a few years or applying for a PhD, maybe working in the Amazon Rainforest, I don’t know yet.”


IMG_4068Annie ’18 “In five years I’d like to be graduated from graduate school in psychology and sociology and working with kids. I think I want to be a social worker because I really like kids and I want to help them if they need it.”




jesseJesse ’18 “I recently applied to the NYPD and I passed the first test. I am going through the process of getting into the academy. So, hopefully in five years, I see myself being an NYPD officer or in the federal law enforcement.”


IMG_4067Jay ’18 “I either see myself doing sales work, I’m not sure what industry yet, or going to grad school for student affairs. I am hoping I have a lovely wife and a nice big house.”





TiffanIMG_4063y ’17 “In five years I see myself walking across the stage at the University of Florida, where I have recently committed to graduate school, to obtain my PhD in biomedical sciences.”





IMG_4066Julia ’18 “In five years I see myself finishing my last year of pharmacy school and taking my certifications to become and pharmacist where I then hope to start working full time in my field.”


By: Shannon O’Malley

This version of BTS’s You Never Walk Alone is made up of a collection of some of the South Korean group’s biggest hits in the last two years. Their music is mainly electronic and has elements of pop and hip hop, expressed through the well-blended vocals of their four singers and three rappers. Whether or not you’re a fan of K-Pop, and even if you understand little to no Korean, BTS does well in setting the tones of the tracks and displaying their strong passion for their music so that it’s still easily very enjoyable.

Most of the songs on this album can be considered dance or “hype” songs, such as “Fire,” which is considered to be one of their most upbeat and exciting songs because of its boldness and intensity. Although the beat and melody alone are a lot of fun, the lyrics of the song are very empowering and basically make it an anthem for the youth. They talk about the joys and struggles of being young and state that it’s ok to be you and live the life you want. “Blood Sweat & Tears” was part of the recent era that really exposed BTS’s aesthetic side. Along with electronic pop, this song also has some hints of other elements mixed in that give it a somewhat tropical feel. This particularly seductive song largely talks about giving every part of yourself to temptations, no matter how much you might be getting hurt in the process. “Spring Day” is one of the songs that has a slower, sadder tone, giving it the resemblance of a ballad. It’s one of the releases from their most recent full/extended album, You Never Walk Alone. This powerfully beautiful and emotional song discusses experiencing the long winter of missing someone who’s left you and desperately waiting for that “spring day” when you can get back to them; but it can be put in multiple contexts that people can relate to.