Our building wasn’t ALWAYS this awesome. Back in the day it was a bank! All this space and they kept money in it, what a waste. 


The old crew in the old base of operations! We used to operate out of the library’s basement.


Glad to say we were and still do inspire art!


Inside WXAC!


Step inside our lovely building for a glimpse at perfection…


Our lobby with a view


If you focus really hard on that window, you’ll be able to see yourself hosting a radio show!


The magic happens just through here, but unfortunately access is only granted to the superior.


Our bulletin board, spreading knowledge and wisdom to the great people headed for our office, conveniently located just to the left up here.


Almost there…our own little hidden wonderland.


Take a deep breath…


…and have your breath taken away by our artistic work space!


Just outside of our office is out vast music collection, featuring both vinyl and CD for those with individual preferences. You can also download online, but then you wouldn’t get to talk to us!


Closed at all times, not just to preserve perfection, but to keep the unworthy away from it.


But you deserve a glimpse for making it this far.


Our re-purposed vault, because who needs money when you have music?


Concerts at the Pond 2017


Concerts at the Pond 2016




Music Business Forum 2016

Photo credit: Lion Enterprises

A Night with Gary Corbett

Photo Credit: Lion Enterprises