By: Shannon O’Malley

A/B is the debut album of the Icelandic band, Kaleo. This powerful and hard-hitting album makes a very strong first impression with songs like “Way Down We Go,” which has already gained the band some attention with its dark, intense, and eerie sound. “All the Pretty Girls” has a vibe that’s more acoustic and relaxed, yet also slightly melancholy. But then there are songs like “Glass House” that are more hyped by being faster-paced and aggressively upbeat.

Kaleo is a rock band that’s heavily influenced by blues and folk, which results in very rustic tunes that have a certain rawness about them. The vocals in particular are unforgettable because of the lead singer’s incredibly rough and raspy voice. Yet, he manages to pull off a soft falsetto for songs like “All the Pretty Girls.” If you’re taking a stroll in the woods, driving through the countryside, or exploring your local abandoned and “haunted” property, this album could perfectly set the mood.