Music on Campus – Spring 2017

WXAC walked around campus in the spring semester of 2017 to ask current students what they were listening to. Here are their responses:


riannaRianna ’18 is listening to, “a song called Ping Pong by Base Nectar. Base Nectar is like a synthetic experimental, tech, almost dub step. I’m listening to it because they use a ping
pong as a beat, I always like the beat. I’m always tapping on things around me, its gets me hype from my walk to class.”




Shawn’17 is listening to, “ Never Saw It Coming by Tiger’s Jaw. It’s such a nice day and the song really matches the day. The suns out with very little clouds in the sky, it’s a very nice acoustic song with a little but of angst-y tones to it to really give the day some vibrancy.


mattMatt ’18 said, “I listen to pretty much everything because I’m not picky. I like to listen to different types of music depending on what I’m doing. If I’m working out I like to listen to more upbeat music versus when I’m studying more low key stuff.”





Pat ’17 is listening to something a little untraditional, “A Part Of My Take is a podcast thatgoes through barstool sports. I listen to it because it’s funny and interesting. They talk about sports and things that are going on in pop culture, it just keeps me up to date.”


zachZach ’19 was doing something a little different, “I’m actually making my own music, and I’m doing it because it’s a nice outlet with all the stress going on during the day. I make some pretty cool hip hop beats.”