What other languages would Albright students like to learn?

17916713_1395839140454307_1831255929_oStephanie ’20 “Russian would be a really cool language, it’s interesting. And I love Russian music (choral music), so it would be cool to understand that.”




IMG_3994Josh ’17 “Yiddish, because I feel like Yiddish is an awesome language. And it’s not really spoken lately, it’s more of a Jewish language, so I think it would be fun to learn.”




IMG_3995Melissa ’17 “I would want to learn Japanese because I think that language is cool. The Asian culture is huge, so probably Mandarin too. Every time I’m around them or I’m in a social setting and I hear it, I want to know what they’re saying. It’s just my curiosity.”




IMG_3996Liz ’18 “Chinese. I think, in the developing world, it’s probably one of the more important languages to learn. In the developing economic market, China is one of our biggest competitors, it’s who we do the most business with. So to be able to break down the language barrier would probably benefit the country financially and economically. My dad has to go to China every couple years because they have products of our and we have products of theirs, so he tells me all the time he wishes he knew Mandarin at least.”




IMG_3997Kaylyn ’17 “I already know a little bit of language, but I feel like Portuguese would be cool because it’s similar to Spanish, but there are differences.”





IMG_3998Clarissa ’17 “I’d want to learn German because I have family back in Germany that don’t really speak English and I’d like to be able to communicate with them.”