Where do YOU see yourself in five years?

IMG_4069Josias ’18 “I definitely think as a result of meeting with advisors and talking with students and upperclassmen about some of the things that they have done, it has made me reevaluate where I want to be in the next five years. Initially I was thinking medical school but I have also gotten into public health as a result of also being a duel Spanish and Bio major. But definitely grad school in some sort of capacity, who knows, maybe working for a few years or applying for a PhD, maybe working in the Amazon Rainforest, I don’t know yet.”


IMG_4068Annie ’18 “In five years I’d like to be graduated from graduate school in psychology and sociology and working with kids. I think I want to be a social worker because I really like kids and I want to help them if they need it.”




jesseJesse ’18 “I recently applied to the NYPD and I passed the first test. I am going through the process of getting into the academy. So, hopefully in five years, I see myself being an NYPD officer or in the federal law enforcement.”


IMG_4067Jay ’18 “I either see myself doing sales work, I’m not sure what industry yet, or going to grad school for student affairs. I am hoping I have a lovely wife and a nice big house.”





TiffanIMG_4063y ’17 “In five years I see myself walking across the stage at the University of Florida, where I have recently committed to graduate school, to obtain my PhD in biomedical sciences.”





IMG_4066Julia ’18 “In five years I see myself finishing my last year of pharmacy school and taking my certifications to become and pharmacist where I then hope to start working full time in my field.”